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For tens of millions of American families, the consumer debt market is fundamentally broken. Guy Assad, co-founder and CEO of Clerkie is on a mission to give American families better fintech tools to ease their debt burden and avoid falling into delinquency.

In this one-on-one discussion with Flourish Co-Founder and Managing Partner Emmalyn Shaw, Guy opens up about how:

  • Clerkie’s AI-driven platform makes access to simple financial solutions and sound financial guidance easily executable and automated

  • His family and his community suffered financial hardship due to untenable debt burdens and inspired him to modernize legacy banking systems and processes to benefit borrowers and banks 

  • As a person of color, he navigates the fintech founder ecosystem and serves as a role model

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Flourish Focus features 1:1 exchanges with fintech innovators around the world.



Guy Assad

Guy Assad

Co-Founder & CEO

Emmalyn Shaw-1

Emmalyn Shaw

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Flourish Ventures